David Garcia will be lecturing on the 4th of September at 17:30, at the Anual ASAE Symposium, where MAP publication will be introduced.

ASAE is an annual two-day seminar at the School of Architecture, Lund University. It celebrates the beginning of the academic year. The aim is to keep an annual ongoing discussion about international education programs and architectural education strategies. ASAE promotes encounters between different schools of architecture in Europe, America and other countries, taking into consideration the objectives of the School of Architecture in Lund: Architectural Design, Experiment and Construction.
ASAE is meant to be a public event and the ambition is to also engage local and international architects, teachers, students, politicians etc. in an open discussion about architecture and design.
The first ASAE was held in the autumn of 2003 and has since then become an ongoing autumn semester event at Lund University.

Invited Lectures:

Sir Peter Cook [CRABstudio]
Thom Mayne [Morphosis]
Hernan Diaz Alonso [Xefirotarch]
Florencia Pita [FPmod]
Odile Decq [ODBC]
Geoff Manaugh [BLDGBLOG]
David Garcia [David Garcia Studio]
Drura Parrish [Parrish | Rash]
Megumi Matsubara [With Assistant]
Daniel Golling [forumAID]