The Weaving Pavillion is now completed at The Village, downtown Beijing, where it will be the main centre for the NOTCH 10 Art and Culture festival. It is the first weaved structure (no glue, screws or nails) to function as facade, roof, column and foundation.

This pavilion wishes to explore the potential of weaving as an alternative method of construction in architecture. While traditional building methods of construction are based on stapling (bricks), casting (concrete) and welding elements (space frames and trusses), weaving offers structural stability without glue, nails or any sort of binding material; the weaving itself and friction is the binding solution. 

Made of bamboo or plywood, the pavilion is 100 % recyclable, permitting to unweave and re-use all of its components again. This structure is the result of a two year research project which started by traveling to Japan to learn weaving techniques form the most prominent contemporary weavers.

A two year test and modeling process developed at the studio, which resulted in the built pavilion now standing in Beijing, at the downtown The Village plaza.

photos by Max Gerthel