EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS AND FUTURE LANDSCAPES master course presents a full action day, with crit and triple lecture. Liam Young, teacher at the AA in London and Ricardo de Ostos, teacher at the AA and The Bartlett, Christer Malström, director of the Architecture School in Lund, and David Garcia, Guest Professor and director of the master course will take part at a morning and early afternoon critique of the work being developed by the students at the course.
At 17:00, Liam Young, Ricard de Ostos and David Garcia, will take part in an unprecedented experiment: The "BOUNCE Lecture Series". Can a lecture be improvised between three speakers? In an effort to break the linearity and planned nature of lectures, this platform will attempt to improvise by association. Each speaker, with the web and their laptops at hand, will link to the previous speakers image and comments in a successive bounce of ideas and visual journey.
Come along for a full day of visions into a world inspired by science and driven by fiction.

, LUND Arch. School
9:00 am Monday 31. October